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UAS Platform Objective:

A common operating picture powered by an intelligence platform delivering timely, relevant, and actionable information.


With machine learning, predictive algorithms, critical geo-spatial insights about an area of interest.
We synthesize data from a wide array of sources including Live Streaming Video, Aerial Imagery, GIS, IOT, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, GPS Tracking, Weather, Radio Communications.


To provide a world of information at your fingertips. Empowering you to take immediate action on business operations, farming, humanitarian efforts, illegal activity, or natural disasters.



Full solutions, Complete workflows, Full service. Everyone can sell a drone or fly but we provide the complete workflow for your needs.

GIS / Mapping

Geospatial Intelligence Integration. Identifying, Observing, Data aggregation tools with deep learning technology embedded. Providing the clear picture


Have an idea for a special project? Have us design, integrate, and deploy your dream solution. There are many opportunities for innovation, Sometimes commercial off the shelf items don't cut it. Let us help build your dream to reality.

Full Support

Building long-term relationships, not just a sale. Full support from the beginning to the end of time.

Latest UAS/UAV Work:

Proving a numeric count from drone acquired imagery of Corn at approximately two inches in diameter or the V2 stage for replant decisions. Using this computer vision process can replace a 2-hour manual process in less than 20 minutes enhancing productivity as well as increasing data resolution.